I began #simplythirtysquares in November 2021. It was fun, and after another tryout in December decided that this was to be my ‘stash busting/vocabulary using’ project for 2022. A blanket a month using only yarn already in my possession.

I’ve had some questions about it, and a few people want to join in – so here is MY recipe. Feel free to alter it in any way you like – after all, it’s YOUR blanket!

  1. The blanket will be 30 squares. That’s 6×5 squares plus a small border. This will vary according to how I feel at the end of each month.
  2. Decide on your weight of yarn. I’m using DK.
  3. Choose your colours. January used 6 colours and February will use the same. This may or may not continue. I feel that at least one month will be multicoloured! The border and joining took 2 and a bit 100g balls of DK.
  4. Decide on the size of your square. I have found that 7 rounds suits my needs perfectly.
  5. I have a rough plan in my head before I start. If you want to have an idea for layout you will find a few below or by looking at the above #.
  6. I’ll be weaving in my ends as I go – just two a day with a solid colour – and joining into strips. That way most of the work is done by the end of the month!
  7. A 31 day month gives a day for the border (take longer if you need, obviously) but this might spill over for a 30 day month. As for February – well, I’m planning on two days of two squares right at the end. It just suits my schedule this month.
  8. For speed I am making plain and simple granny squares, but personalise in any way you wish. I need time for other projects, this is just a gentle sideline!

Let me know if you are making along too. As always there are NO CROCHET POLICE so don’t fret if circumstances change and you run a week or a month behind. The object of the game is Simply – Thirty Squares! Have fun!!

Ideas for layouts (all photos taken as finished and before washing and blocking). Each photo is also a link to information about that particular blanket.

An extra for March

More information about this ‘extra’ blanket can be found via this link