I began #simplythirtysquares in November 2021. It was fun, and after another tryout in December decided that this was to be my ‘stash busting/vocabulary using’ project for 2022. A blanket a month using only yarn already in my possession.

I’ve had some questions about the project, and a few people want to join in – so here is MY recipe. Feel free to alter it in any way you like – after all, it’s YOUR blanket!

  1. The blanket will be 30 squares. That’s 6×5 squares plus a small border. This will vary according to how I feel at the end of each month.
  2. Decide on your weight of yarn. I’m using DK*.
  3. Choose your colours. January used 6 colours and February will use the same. This may or may not continue. I feel that at least one month will be multicoloured! The border and joining took 2 and a bit 100g balls of DK. If you want a single colour blanket it will take approx 5 x 100g balls of DK
  4. Decide on the size of your square. I have found that 7 rounds suits my needs perfectly and can be made quickly without much hassle. By all means go bigger if you have time and extra yarn. .
  5. I have a rough plan in my head before I start. If you want to have an idea for layout you will find a few below or by looking at the above #.
  6. I’ll be weaving in my ends as I go – just two a day with a solid colour – and joining into strips. That way most of the work is done by the end of the month! It’s quite acceptable to use your own preferred way of working. This is meant to be gentle.
  7. A 31 day month gives a day for the border (take longer if you need, obviously) but this might spill over for a 30 day month. As for February – well, I’m planning on two days of two squares right at the end. It just suits my schedule this month.
  8. For speed I am making plain and simple granny squares, but personalise in any way you wish. I need time for other projects, this is just a gentle sideline!
  9. * Not all DK yarn is created equal! I have found that 6 x 7 round squares usually takes a little less than a single 100g ball of yarn. Approx 240 metres (262 yards) is needed. In theory 5 balls may be enough but I always start with 6 balls so I that know there is enough for the border.

Let me know if you are making along too. As always there are NO CROCHET POLICE so don’t fret if circumstances change and you run a week or a month behind. The object of the game is Simply – Thirty Squares! Have fun!!

Ideas for layouts (all photos taken as finished and before washing and blocking). Each photo is also a link to information about that particular blanket.

An extra for March

More information about this ‘extra’ blanket can be found via this link