Granny Centres!

Claire L asked me what she was doing wrong. She has followed the instructions on another video but after a few washes some of the centres of her blanket have begun to loosen and become undone. It definitely won’t happen with this method.

You have probably found this page via this photo

Below are the individual pictures with appropriate comments

Many people begin their Granny Squares by joining 4 chain. This is quite acceptable and if you enjoy that method you won’t need to read any further, however If you prefer a more solid centre to your squares this method may be for you.

The first step is to wind the yarn around your finger – not too tightly, but you don’t need to leave a very long end as you can see above. This is where the instructions differ from the video Claire followed. WIND THE YARN TWICE around your finger.

Slide your hook under the two strands and pull the working end ( the end attached to the yarn ball) through.

This doesn’t count as a chain, but is the basis for your next stitch

Chain 4

Next – make 3 trebles (US DC) into the hole followed by 1 chain.

This may seem trivial but at this point make sure the yarn tail is hooked through to the front. Then, leaving that tail loose, crochet 3 treble, 1 chain twice. Finally crochet 2 more trebles

You should now have 3 blocks of 3 trebles worked into the centre hole wit a couple extra.

Remember the 4 chain you made at the beginning? Hook a slip stitch around them an pull it through the top of the last treble to make a circle of 4 clusters.

The end can now be cut and pulled through. we now only have to deal with the hole in the centre.

Did you pull the end of the yarn through to th front as mentioned above? if not you may regret it at this stage. In the picture above the yarn end just finished is shown at the top and the end connected to the centre is shown at the bottom. That’s the end we need to deal with now.

Gently but firmly pull the centre end. The hole should close easily. If it sticks and refuses to move – don’t panic, just ease the centre open slightly and resume the ‘tugging’. Bringing that end through to this side helps it to run smoothly because it didn’t have a chance to ‘tangle’.

Now we come to the part that is almost the most important. Winding twice in step 1 means there is no likelihood of a centre undoing like Claire experienced but this next step it’s guaranteed!

Using your hook just pull it up through the top of the nearest stitch.

If working another round in the same colour this end can be partially crocheted in as you go.

I would now proceed to crochet another round before finishing off the ends, but that is just my preference.

This method worked for Claire. It will work for you too.