What’s next? #crochet6in366

There is only one more blanket to go in the #crochet6in366 series, and now seems as good a time as any to give you details. The current one will finish next week. My yarn of choice for this blanket is Stylecraft Batik. It’s an Acrylic/Wool blend which I have used before. My plan is forContinue reading “What’s next? #crochet6in366”

The first 20 days!

Scraps, scraps and more scraps! A square a day since the beginning of the month. I wrote about it at the start of the project. And so far I’m on schedule. Of course, I still have lots of scraps, and each project produces more! The first two strips are complete – and I even managedContinue reading “The first 20 days!”

Blanket 5 – week 3

This last week at Chez Nuvofelt has been very exciting. Very little crochet has taken place … in fact, the bare minimum. We spent the weekend with family, but if you follow on Instagram you will know there was more to it than that. The clue is here, but I’ll share more with you inContinue reading “Blanket 5 – week 3”