Here today … gone …..

Well, I’ve just returned from being whisked away into the sunset

I’ve had a wonderful rest, and even managed to fit in a little crochet.

It isn’t finished, but it’s looking good. You’ll hear more in the days ahead, but I wanted you to know that I’m still in the land of the living 😉

You never can tell…

It’s been a funny old month so far. I won’t go into details, but it didn’t start the way we expected. Never mind! Things can only improve.

Crochet has taken a back seat. I decided to make the Spirit of September blanket wait until next month, but the colours called to me as I continued with the Temperature Blanket. Consequently I hooked a few squares, but this collage won’t give much away at all

Making them has helped me decide on the sequence and layout, so that was a good thing. I will also need to order more yarn! I’m holding out for a while, though, as I have enough to finish my main current work in progress and may not be around to take delivery. (There’s currently 30% off with code YARN30 – so worth investigating if you are in need of some)

If you have been following along on Instagram you will o doubt have seen the odd Square or two

And maybe even this progress shot

It’s still progressing! I want it finished by mid October at the latest. More updates will follow.



More grannies

While it’s exciting to start a new project, there comes a point when everything begins to come together. I’m not quite at that point with this little project, but maybe it won’t be long.

This is just a collage, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s anywhere near being finished – but maybe it won’t be too long.

What is it? Well, it’s a blanket, of course, but I’ll say no more than that.

Watch this space!




August is done!

I would not have chosen these colours, but I’m pleased with the result

It’s a scary feeling to be unable to control colours!  Just for a change I have made this blanket using the colours of each day during August – and reversed some of them to make enough blocks.

I finished the border, using the colours representing the most frequent temperatures of the month as contrast to the Summer joining colour for the Temperature Blanket, which was Camel. (I’ll be posting an update on that blanket tomorrow.) I have to admit that if I had chosen to work with these colours on another project I wouldn’t have considered Camel to join, but it ‘sort of’ works!

The next blanket, Spirit of September, really will have to wait, possibly even until into October. I already know that I need more yarn in certain colours, but first I have other priorities including a blanket edged with white. The yarn for this blanket was all purchased from Deramores. Details of the square I’ve used can be found here.

I’ll tell you more another day.






Five Colour Friday

Five colours can be used in a number of ways…..

For a change I thought I’d try making blocks in alternate colours and use a unifying colour for the border. Here’s the result:

For this experiment I used the Posy Square that I’ve written about previously.

Alternating blocks becomes more effective as the size grows

And it can become as large, or stay as small, as you wish

So, which colours have I used?

Stylecraft Special DK in Tomato, Cypress, Sage and Copper. They are joined with Camel

I have to admit that Stylecraft have a very good range of colours in their Special DK range. It’s an acrylic yarn – but a good quality acrylic that washes well. Deramores sell the whole range – including the new colours that I have yet to use. Use the link and take a look around – I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

I hope you enjoy this series, and that you find it useful. You can follow me on Instagram as CrochetalongwithNuvofelt, and I’m here on Ravelry. Find me on Facebook via the link in the sidebar. Drop in and say ‘Hi’.




You may have glimpsed this on Instagram. It will hopefully be finished in a day or so. A small project to carry around that is larger than granny squares

I’m trying out a ‘new to me’ yarn. Scheepjes Colour Crafter. Have you used it? I like it. Sadly I can only buy it via the Internet. 

What are you working on? I’d love to see.  Leave a link in the comments if you have blogged about it. 

Ups and downs

Life really has a habit of keeping one on their toes. It’s easy to be seduced into thinking that all is fine, and then to be shocked to find that it isn’t. Keeping on an even keel when things are not going to ‘plan’ isn’t easy, but thanks to my faith in the Lord Jesus I can do this!

Yes, life has taken another turn, but I will not be beaten – I’m here for the duration and will gently plod on. Sadly I’m going to have to withdraw from leading the crochetalong which was intended to start next week, instead I’ll leave it until the beginning of the year or so, when hopefully things will have calmed down again. I know you will all understand, and better not to start than to start and then….. not complete!

So, what’s been happening?

Well you don’t want to read all the gory details, so I’ll stick with crochet. Here are some glimpses of what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, do you remember this? It started life as a blanket, but due to a chance remark by someone I love dearly it was transformed and has become something else.

Not something I was expecting to make – but it looks lovely now that it’s finished.

I’m going away for a rest in a couple of weeks, so I have started something fairly mindless to take away with me.


I’m really looking forward to working on it. It’s Cygnet Yarns Boho Spirit – and the colourway is Chic. It’s for someone special – and I know she will like it.

My next project is made with a new (to me) yarn. It’s another Cygnet yarn – their DK. My first task when I start a new yarn or colourway is to make a sample square. These are useful for designing etc, and I use them often. This habit formed early on when I began to dye threads and fabrics for stitching – they now fill many files and folders, and some are in boxes too.  These squares are quick and easy to make. I previously made all my square using the c2c method – but a different yarn requires a different stitch – how else will I know which is which?

So far I’m really pleased with the results of my labours. I have this vision in my head – and partly charted on paper. I’m getting there….


I’ll share more with you next time. I bought my yarn from Mrs Snufflebean. The one shown here in the middle is Barley – it’s gorgeous and I think you need some 😉

Back soon, with the promise that I will continue to move onwards and upwards regardless of circumstances.