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Are you joining me?

Monday is almost here, and the first of 100 granny squares will be made. I've auditioned a few colours, and these are my first choice However, this isn't a sample of the intended first square, rather an experiment to see how they look together. The above colours are: Lipstick Spice Sunshine Meadow Lobelia Midnight and… Continue reading Are you joining me?

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100 days Rainbow CAL.

The first week of September is almost over! It's been busy with hospital appointments and more. The blanket that will become The Spirit of September has made a slow start while ideas formed in my head, but it's now underway and I'll share more with you when it has progressed further... Everyone loves a rainbow,… Continue reading 100 days Rainbow CAL.

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You never can tell…

It's been a funny old month so far. I won't go into details, but it didn't start the way we expected. Never mind! Things can only improve. Crochet has taken a back seat. I decided to make the Spirit of September blanket wait until next month, but the colours called to me as I continued… Continue reading You never can tell…

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More grannies

While it's exciting to start a new project, there comes a point when everything begins to come together. I'm not quite at that point with this little project, but maybe it won't be long. This is just a collage, don't be fooled into thinking that it's anywhere near being finished - but maybe it won't… Continue reading More grannies

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August is done!

I would not have chosen these colours, but I'm pleased with the result It's a scary feeling to be unable to control colours!  Just for a change I have made this blanket using the colours of each day during August - and reversed some of them to make enough blocks. I finished the border, using… Continue reading August is done!

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Five Colour Friday

Five colours can be used in a number of ways..... For a change I thought I'd try making blocks in alternate colours and use a unifying colour for the border. Here's the result: For this experiment I used the Posy Square that I've written about previously. Alternating blocks becomes more effective as the size grows… Continue reading Five Colour Friday