Blanket 5 Week 4

Well, our fun and games have concluded! It’s back to normal now, and crochet will continue at a faster rate. For the past 10 days I have only completed the daily square for #crochet6in366 and that for the end of 2020 blanket. Everything else was put on hold. Why? Well… we celebrated our Golden Wedding!Continue reading “Blanket 5 Week 4”

Blanket 5 – week 3

This last week at Chez Nuvofelt has been very exciting. Very little crochet has taken place … in fact, the bare minimum. We spent the weekend with family, but if you follow on Instagram you will know there was more to it than that. The clue is here, but I’ll share more with you inContinue reading “Blanket 5 – week 3”

#crochet6in366 continues.

Few words today, just the schedule of The second week of Blanket 5 Week 2 September 2: Stone, Sage, Raspberry, Storm Blue, Mushroom September 3: Storm Blue, Silver, Pale Rose, Cloud Blue, Mushroom. END OF STRIP 1 September 4: 5 rounds in Mushroom. Single colour square. START OF STRIP 2 September 5: Pale Rose, Silver,Continue reading “#crochet6in366 continues.”