Five Ball Blanket 1

These sunny colours definitely reminded me of our garden in summer and I almost called it a Summer Blanket, but Five Ball Blanket describes exactly what I set out to achieve.

I had one full ball of each colour and so determined to just continue until one ran out. I forgot to photograph them before I started so the above shows them part way through. It’s always useful to know how much yarn is needed for a project.

The concept of this blanket is so simple you won’t lose your place, and as a bonus you could easily add another five balls and just keep going.

The intention was to use the Stylecraft yarns throughout but Dandelion seemed to be out of stock everywhere. I found that Colour 8462 in the Top Value range by James C Brett makes a good substitute. (It’s a good yarn too).

It all began with a bright and cheerful square for FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY

Granny squares can be addictive – but sometimes their main problem IS that they are square! A square is a square is a … So I made another and joined them together. This time I was not planning on making 120 DIFFERENT SQUARES

(My ‘go to’ join is DC (UK) into the hole and 3CH between each hole.)

Now I no longer had a square – but a suitably sized rectangle.

A gentle reminder here: Try to weave your ends in as you go! My needles of choice are John James – and THE JOHN JAMES KNITTERS’ PEBBLE is never far from my side.

Rounds of Granny stitch were then made – keeping the same colour sequence throughout:

  • Fuchsia Purple
  • Dandelion
  • Green
  • Lobelia
  • Violet

Each 100g ball of Stylecraft Special DK has approximately 295 metres / 322 yards. This will help if you are using another brand of yarn

(An alternative suggested colour scheme can be found HERE and seen below)

Clusters of 3 Trebles (UK) are the norm – but around the join I make only two as illustrated above.

The first sequence of the first ‘module is complete.

Two repeats of each later – the first ‘module’ was completed

So then another identical one was needed! (It actually took me two days to get to this stage, but I have to admit that I did it while binge-watching part of the original series of Inspector Montalbano as I recovered from my RECENT HOSPITAL VISIT)

These were then joined together in the same manner as before.

Now for more rounds in sequence remembering to alter to the Two Treble sequence mentioned above around the join.

One colour repeat completed

Two colour repeats

There was enough yarn for four full repeats, but not enough for a final border so I improvised and made the final round of Violet the edging. The final round takes approx 18g – approx 55 metres.

The finished size is 30×40 inches – 76×102 cm approximately.

If you have more yarn it will be easy to continue to make a larger blanket. I used a 4.5 mm hook until towards the end. The edge became a bit stretched so I continued the sequence using a 4.00mm hook. You may be able to discern that above, but it isn’t apparent once the item is in use.

I enjoyed making this enormously. In fact I’m making another now. More about that another day. Let me know if you try it. I’ll be using #5ballblanket on Instagram. Why not join me?

Click for colours
Click for an alternative sequence
Click for another 5 ball design