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This was the moment…

... Working by lamplight isn't easy, especially if you are partly distracted by an interesting tv show. (Let's face it, there aren't many, so this was unusual!) The cold light of day, however, revealed that I'd picked up Sage instead of Storm Blue! Fortunately it won't matter, I can just reverse their placement, but this… Continue reading This was the moment…

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Almost there …

My first blanket of the Stashbuster series is almost finished. I just have a little more tidying up to do and that will be that. I'm going to call it the Betsy Blanket because it reminds me of someone! Here are a few glimpses, but another post will come soon with further details. I'm really… Continue reading Almost there …

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Corner turned

It's always satisfying to turn the corner in a C2C! It signifies that the rows are getting shorter, and, all being well, it won't be long before it's all finished. A very satisfying stashbusting exercise. I've started to put together some large thread collections of my hand dyed threads. They will be particularly useful if… Continue reading Corner turned

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Stash and Scrap!

My first stash blanket of the year is coming along nicely. I'm also managing to incorporate some longer scraps as you can see from these joins. Once the little ends are also woven in they will be completely invisible.   I know that the theory of stashbusting is that no more yarn is bought until… Continue reading Stash and Scrap!

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Happy New Year

Yesterday was not the best day of the year, but we had no snow, a little wind and a touch of rain. The sun even managed a little shining at one point, but I was too slow with the camera to catch it! Today is similarly grey at the moment. But there is a brightness… Continue reading Happy New Year