Temperature Blanket 2018 – What you will need!

It’s probably fairly obvious what you will need to make your blanket – but this little collection is what I have to  hand all the time. I forgot to photograph a pencil – but I’m sure you can find one of those.

A notebook

I write down the details twice a day. If you decide to only do one temperature that’s equally valid.

Yarns! Who knows exactly which ones we will need for 2018? You can see above those that I didn’t use. I haven’t shown the ones chosen for above 34 deg. If you need them for the Southern Hemisphere let me know and I’ll photograph the card.


These aren’t essential – but I used them to start each new column so that I’d easily be able to tell the difference between top and bottom! A length of yarn would do the same.

If you want to follow the progress of the squares I post them here, but not a usual daily exercise. I usually catch up with posting about once a week. 2017 are all there apart from yesterday if you want to take a look.