Temperature Blanket 2018 – What you will need!

It’s probably fairly obvious what you will need to make your blanket – but this little collection is what I have to  hand all the time. I forgot to photograph a pencil – but I’m sure you can find one of those.

A notebook

I write down the details twice a day. If you decide to only do one temperature that’s equally valid.

Yarns! Who knows exactly which ones we will need for 2018? You can see above those that I didn’t use. I haven’t shown the ones chosen for above 34 deg. If you need them for the Southern Hemisphere let me know and I’ll photograph the card.


These aren’t essential – but I used them to start each new column so that I’d easily be able to tell the difference between top and bottom! A length of yarn would do the same.

If you want to follow the progress of the squares I used to post them, but that site is no longer available. The yarns I used are below, the order runs from bottom to top of each card. You may wish to make your own collection.


the temperatures without samples didn’t feature in the year noted above.