2020 retrospective – April – and Friendship

It’s always good to know that blankets, no matter how small, are well received! I finished this in record time – and this is the only reminder! I resurrected some of my old basic dyeing samples to make some bunting to cheer the garden. (There were all from introductory dyeing courses.) There were several thingsContinue reading “2020 retrospective – April – and Friendship”

Friendship blanket

We are back online! It happened shortly after yesterday’s post was published. However, as I had to swap between tablet and phone I discovered that not all of the post uploaded. It should all be functioning now, so maybe you will take a quick glimpse to see if you arrived before or after the fullContinue reading “Friendship blanket”

Friends – gather round!

When I first thought about a Friendship Blanket I had visions of small packages travelling around the world with precious little balls of yarn to be added to blankets. Gifts from overseas or other parts of the country that could be included in beautiful blankets being made wherever you are! And then came COVID-19! So,Continue reading “Friends – gather round!”