it’s an illusion!

It’s a little cooler today, so I’m hoping to do a little more crochet than over the past few days. I’ve definitely been confined to just making a couple of square! So, to celebrate I’m trying out a new – to me – yarn. This colour way is a light blue with hints of greyContinue reading “it’s an illusion!”

Catching up

Well, we survived the heat, but how have you fared with the rain? No floods here, but around the country family members have experienced ‘puddles’ of various depths. It’s been scary. Stay safe wherever you are. I have another short video for you this week with more details below. The video will give you muchContinue reading “Catching up”

Limping back …. with a podcast

It’s a strange thing, but each time, recently, that I’ve decided to offer some old stock at a reduced price health problems have reared their ugly heads and there has had to be a delay. I won’t go into details, but here is a little video, not to explain the situation, but to show youContinue reading “Limping back …. with a podcast”