Alison’s Camellia Blanket

Amended February 15 to include final quantities etc.

This blanket has been a joy to make. I’ve had many comments etc on Instagram et al so I know you are eager to have the ‘recipe’. Here it is, although at the time of writing it isn’t quite finished. (See note above) The first round of border colour is decided, but I’ll update this week with the final rounds.

Once the layout was decided the blocks were joined in strips. All ends were woven in as it progressed so joining strips was easy and finally just the border to be added. Personally I don’t like many of the flat join as you go methods. I prefer texture on the surface, which is why I join the way I do. Also, I have noticed a tendency for some joining methods to pull apart easily. This one is secure.

See quantities below.

The yarns for the basic blocks are all Stylecraft Special DK with a King Cole Bonus DK chosen for the outer round and joining. I used a 4.5 hook throughout.


Stylecraft Special DK

  • Storm Blue = 1 ball
  • Grape = 1 ball
  • Magenta = 1 ball
  • Clematis = 1 ball
  • Duck Egg = 2 balls
  • Parchment = 1 ball
  • Silver = 1 ball

King Cole Bonus DK

  • Sandstorm = 5 balls

All seven Stylecraft colours are used in each block. There are 8 blocks in each strip, and 7 strips were needed to finish the size of 120 x 130 cm.

* One ball of each Stylecraft colour was enough to make all the blocks with a little in reserve. HOWEVER extra was needed for Duck Egg which was also used in the border. Consider this if you decide to use a different colour instead.

* Sandstorm just needed a fraction over 4 balls for joining and the border. This border was requested, you may save yarn with a different one.

The finished size is approx 125×140 cm.

In progress