January Catch-up

January has been a mixed month weather wise. Two mild periods separated by a very chilly one. I decided that I would embark on another Temperature Blanket, but a quick and easy recipe is called for so I’m making another in a similar manner to last year’s, which, I’ve just realised, was never shown here. What do you think?

It’s still waiting for it’s border, but is otherwise complete.

The current month is on the left, January 2022 on the right. The temperatures have definitely been cooler.

I also finished two blankies alongside the #simplythirtysquares.

Photographed at the point of finishing and before washing and blocking (as was the one below too).

We have had a lot on our minds this month. My husband was diagnosed with cancer the day before Christmas Eve. Strikes and more delayed full diagnosis so the date for commencement of his treatment is next month. It seems that when I’m under pressure I crochet faster! Some of both the above was completed in hospital waiting rooms etc.

The diagrams above and below are from the Crochet Studio App. There’s a lot you can do with it. Take a look at FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY for January where there’s more about it.

Tomorrow another #simplythirtysquares begins and another block for the Temperature Blanket. There will also be more squares and another blankie I’m sure. It’s hospital bedside crochet again, unless strikes and power cuts etc cause mayhem!

Lastly here’s the January blanket!

It is, of course, 30 squares.

All Stylecraft yarns this time.

Another begins tomorrow and will be a tad more colourful.

6 thoughts on “January Catch-up

  1. Janice Wright

    I need to try a block a day afghan. Looks like fun. Maybe one of those projects where I won’t be sure what if come out as until it is finished.
    Also, positive thoughts for you and your husband.

    Liked by 1 person

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