A quick roundup

The next sequence for #crochet6in366 will be published tomorrow, but I thought I’d just make a few observations and comments before it pops up. Firstly, my plan is to make six throws/blankets of various sizes over the next months. These will be made at the rate of one square a day, giving me time toContinue reading “A quick roundup”

That’s the Spirit!

More warm days with clear blue skies. Sky Blue comes in so many different shades, and recently they have been cloudless with the occasional high vapour trail. The moon is in evidence during the day too. Have you seen it? It hasn’t been crochet weather, but days have been filled with other things. We wereContinue reading “That’s the Spirit!”

Summer is here!

Other parts of the country have had periods of appalling weather, here, however, it’s been almost perfect. Apparently we are about to enter into a small heatwave – and that isn’t good news for crochet! The last thing that’s needed is snuggling under a blanket in hot temperatures! It should, however, make interesting and vibrantContinue reading “Summer is here!”