A quick roundup

The next sequence for #crochet6in366 will be published tomorrow, but I thought I’d just make a few observations and comments before it pops up.

Firstly, my plan is to make six throws/blankets of various sizes over the next months. These will be made at the rate of one square a day, giving me time to do other things as well. I’ve invited you all to join me, but if you decide on different squares or colours that’s fine! I’m not a control freak, and, as I keep saying, the Crochet Police have NO jurisdiction.

The patterns I’m proposing will work in any colours too, presuming you stick to the total number of colours, but one variant tomorrow may even give you an idea of how you can add another colour.

I’ve seen some lovely variations on Instagram, and I’ve been sent some too. This variation below is by Sandra. Isn’t it pretty. I can actually see this in many layouts. I wonder how she will finish it? Keep us informed please, Sandra, if you are reading this.

Blues are the focus for Sushyhaakt on Instagram.

And isn’t that a pretty square! It too is going to be a lovely blanket.

There are others too, but currently no permission to post them here.

Between making squares for the two first blankets in the series ( more details about that in the next post) I’ve also started a series of Seasonal Blankets for this year. Spirit of Winter has begun with a few squares from December and January. If you are interested you can follow progress. At the moment I’m up to date for a January, but a way to go for last month. However, as this is actually a scheduled post I may be well behind by the time you view 😉 Later today I have to start something else. This new request will take a little planning so we’ll see how it goes in a while.

See you soon.

6 thoughts on “A quick roundup

  1. Thank you for including my squares here! I’ve made one change which was hardly any extra work at all. I’ll send it to you when I’ve finished sewing in the loose ends. It will also be on my blog today or tomorrow!
    Nice to see the other squares in blue done by Sushy!

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