Week 5 #crochet6in366

No cats to worry about this week, and I’m pleased to say that things appear to be calming down…, I think…. Week 4: DUCK EGG sequence January 29: 1/3/4/2/55 January 30: six round Duck EggStrip 5 complete. January 31: six round Duck Egg. Strip 6 begins. February 1: 3/2/4/4/5/5. February 2: 1/4/2/3/5/5. February 3: 4/3/1/2/5/5.Continue reading “Week 5 #crochet6in366”

How many squares?

Tomorrow will see the publication of the fifth sequence of squares for the first blanket in this series of six. Not everyone is following along exactly, and I’m really enjoying watching how things are progressing. The links below will take you to some of the sources, and I hope you will follow them along too.Continue reading “How many squares?”