2020 retrospective – April – and Friendship

It’s always good to know that blankets, no matter how small, are well received!

I finished this in record time – and this is the only reminder!

I resurrected some of my old basic dyeing samples to make some bunting to cheer the garden. (There were all from introductory dyeing courses.)

There were several things on the hook – including #crochet6in366

On now, briefly, to the Friendship Blanket. These at the colours I have chosen for the start! I can assure you that others will be added very soon. I want LOTS of colour to brighten this grey still Covid prevalent world! ALL COLOURS ARE STYLECRAFT SPECIAL DK. I may use others too.

Fiesta, Spring Green, Matador, Citron, Clementine, Lapis.

And for my joining colour

Plus Claret to join

Claret is a strong colour – it will balance with lighter colours too.

The placement of my squares will be random, but that is where friends will help! If you consider yourself a ‘crochet friend’ make sure you are registered to leave a comment here, and/or on INSTAGRAM

There is a non crochet retrospective here

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