I seem to be stuck on blocks!

Do you know that feeling…..

You just want to get started on a blanket!

My fingers are itching!!

I have the yarn, but I’m still waiting for the final instructions. The sex of the baby will be revealed very soon – and that will determine whether pink or blue is the added colour! I must be patient and occupy myself in another way.

So, I’m stuck on blocks!

Blocks for the Spirit of March have progressed well – until I ran out of Cypress! I’ll be off to the shop later today to stock up on a few colours and that will be included.

So in the meantime I have just been making blocks. …

There is a plan at the back of my mind, but this is really not urgent so it can soon be put on a back burner.

Four colours in a square which makes for 24 squares in each combination.

I finished another 24 yesterday, so I’ll have a new combination to start today…. or tomorrow…. or…

Next time I run out of yarn…….

It’s a ‘Fall Back’ project! It’s on Ravelry – but don’t hold your breath until it’s finished 😉



Five Colour Friday

Sometimes a colour will change dramatically when placed in an unexpected combination.

Did you guess the colours?

Stylecraft Special DK Magenta, Pale Rose, Parma Violet, Empire, Lavender,

Let me know if you use them.

Did you know that there are 120 different combinations of 5 colours? There is a list here.





Rainbowitis – all done!

I love working with colour, so this project has been very satisfying.

It took just a little over a month, but I could have finished more quickly if I hadn’t had other projects to keep me occupied too.

I used Stylecraft Special DK – as I’ve told you before, it’s the only yarn I can buy  locally, and if you haven’t already guessed it’s a corner to corner blanket as demonstrated very well here by Mikey of the Crochet Crowd.

Here’s the sequence:

Jaffa, Sunshine, Kelly Green, Petrol, Midnight

MIdnight was followed by: Plum, Bright Pink, Matador, Tomato and Mustard

After Mustard: Lime, Lobelia, Violet and Claret.

Each colour was hooked in blocks of 9 rows each. this could be varied according to the size of the required blanket.

Two rounds make up the border – a simple two step sequence which I find is a good complement to the C2C pattern

I didn’t find it easy to photograph, but you get the general idea. I keep records of all my blankets. Browsing previous colour schemes will often spark an idea or two.

A word of warning! The two middle blocks of colour take almost a whole ball of yarn. If I had added extra blocks I would have needed a second ball without doubt.



Can you have…..

…… too much of a good thing?

I’m still working on the Spirit of February blanket, and I wanted to do something different for the one for Spirit of March. So, guess what?

The first four small squares are complete – but until the temperatures change I’ll be stuck here for a little longer.

Better press on with February, then!

(Will update you on the Rainbow blanket with a list of colours in a couple of days.)s

Working with rainbows

There’s nothing like a rainbow to cheer, so I have really enjoyed working on this project. It could have been finished last month, but other things got in the way. Last night, however, the blanket was finished – except for the border. This morning, in daylight, I’ve chosen the colours for this, so it should be finished in a couple of days all being well.


It would be lovely to be able to spend all day with a hook in hand, wouldn’t it! However…… other things are calling me today. It will be good to finish a few things during National Crochet Month. I wonder….. 😉