Friendship Blanket 2021

Begins January 1 2021

There are few rules. They are summarised below

1. Choose your colours. I suggest a minimum of 6 including your joining colour. Keep a few of them secret. You can introduce them as the blanket progresses. I am using leftover balls and scraps. If one finishes too soon I will introduce another regardless.

2. Decide which square you want to make. How many rounds? What size your blanket?

3. Make your first square

4. Choose 2 or 3 of your colours.

5. Ask a friend* to choose either (for example):

  • Your next colour
  • The next colour combination
  • The next colour order
  • Etc

*6. Ask a physical friend, someone you know on the Internet or be brave and ask for input on Instagram etc. I will be doing the latter, and also asking on my blog – so follow along somewhere for a chance to help me make my blanket.

7. Make it at your own pace – one square a day – two squares – several …

8. Occasionally (every other square or so?) ask for input from various sources as mentioned in *6

9. Enjoy.