Garden, a birthday – and more!

I love spring! Suddenly the garden bursts into colour. This collage was made earlier in the month. All plants are still flowering and there is still more colour around. No wonder we take so much inspiration from nature. Even the peonies are beginning to bloom Yesterday we celebrated the third family birthday in lockdown. ItContinue reading “Garden, a birthday – and more!”

#crochet6in366 Week 17+

I have tried to write this post for over a week but have had so many interruptions I lost the plot!! So, here I am rushing it from scratch at more than the eleventh hour! Here is the schedule, and it will bring us to the end of blanket number two. April 22: 4/4/4/6/6/6 StripContinue reading “#crochet6in366 Week 17+”

It’s Friday and ..

… I’ve finished something! You may remember this. Well, the little cat blanket is finished! It was great fun to make, and I sincerely hope it wasn’t all in vein. I will just reiterate – don’t embark on a project like this unless you know the end use will be appropriate, I wouldn’t use itContinue reading “It’s Friday and ..”