Five Colour Friday

Spring has been such a welcome season this year! Driving along the motorway is such a pleasure now that the trees are decorated with the first of the fresh green leaves, and if you can venture into the countryside there is evidence that bluebells will soon form a carpet. ( our sheltered garden already has some in flower). Over the last couple of weeks the skies have been amazing, and all this has come together in this little square for April’s FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY

Light but bright is the order of the day.

Sherbet is a gentle but clear colour for the joining.

But any of these will work well.

This blanket was well underway when I got sidetracked! Does that ever happen to you?

All colours are Stylecraft Special DK

  • Pistachio
  • Lincoln
  • Storm Blue
  • Duck Egg
  • Sherbet

Have a good weekend, but come back tomorrow for the finale of this month’s #simplythirtysquares (if I can finish it by then). It’s always a scramble to do the border when it’s a 30 day month.

Don’t forget – 5 colours can create 120 DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS They are listed as a downloadable pdf VIA THIS LINK

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