A few thoughts

It’s difficult for all of us at the moment isn’t it. I’ve been surprised by several things: Firstly, the conflicting information that’s being passed out by officials. Should we go out or not? ‘Rules’ say ‘Yes for specific reasons’ – Doctor says Not, not under any circumstances’. However, we don’t fall into the very specificContinue reading “A few thoughts”

Weeks 13 + 14 #crochet6in366

There is a schedule below for TWO weeks. Tim’s are a little uncertain at the moment, and I want to make sure all squares are listed. Week 13 March 25: 1/2/4/6/6/6 March 26: 3/3/3/6/6/6 March 27: 2/3/1/6/6/6 March 28: 5/4/2/6/6/6 Strip 5 ends March 29: 5/3/1/6/6/6 Strip 6 begins March 30: 1/5/2/6/6/6 March 31: 3/4/5/6/6/6Continue reading “Weeks 13 + 14 #crochet6in366”