Phase 3?

The garden is growing well, with summer just around the corner. This peony will soon be in full magnificence and although garden coffee offers plenty of colour and inspiration it isn’t the quite the same as sitting in a comfortable chair to drink it. Do you remember the days of February? It seems years agoContinue reading “Phase 3?”

Catch-up and another #5ballblanket

Is lack of internet a disaster? Well, we’ve lived through it and survived, so probably not. However, the ‘outage’ obviously also included the phone line, and, as the mobile signal isn’t good at home, that was something of an issue. Thankfully the fault was finally corrected after almost a week, so here are three postsContinue reading “Catch-up and another #5ballblanket”

Better late than never

It is said that the ‘best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley!’ Well my plan to finish this before last Friday certainly went adrift. However; now it’s done. Last Friday I introduced the FIVE BALL BLANKET. I had intended to include an alternative colour scheme for FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY but the associatedContinue reading “Better late than never”