Week 4 #crochet6in366

Here we are at week 4 already. I’m currently away from home, so this is a scheduled post. I have help with my yarn this week so I’m on my guard! They look peaceful at the moment, but a flying crochet hook and resulting whizzing yarn is almost too much for them to bear. FortunatelyContinue reading “Week 4 #crochet6in366”

The quickest of catchups for #crochet6in366

I should be heading for the train, but while Im waiting for the taxi I’m tapping this out instead. Here are the first 18 squares so you can compare each blanket so far. Remember, I’m making 2 this time, just because … Do you have a preference? I have to admit that I do, butContinue reading “The quickest of catchups for #crochet6in366”