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Christmas has gone, but 2018 is not yet over. Did you have a good time? We spent the holiday with family and it was good. I managed a little crochet, and thankfully didn't have to hide it away to get my daily 'fix'. I currently have five projects that need finishing, and one will be… Continue reading Transition

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Five Colour Friday

You have probably guessed that I love playing with colour. It is fun to do regardless of the medium that you choose. Sometimes colour will spill over from one craft to another - and often this will form the basis of design. Today's colourscheme began with paper play. I was painting pages for my Nine… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Five Colour Friday

There was such a good response to last week's Five Colour Friday that I've decided to give you another! 😉 I have to admit that I have only recently discovered that I like working with Blues! It was a colour I avoided for a number of years, partly, in retrospect, due to the awful blue… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Five Colour Friday

The first Five Colour Friday for 2018. Pretty colours that I've enjoyed using. The outer colour is Mocha, a medium shade of warm brown which is a very useful linking colour. It's been a while since I used this block and it was fun to return to it. Once again the colours are Stylecraft Special… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Five colours – a project

Remember this? The blanket I showed you on Friday was made with squares of the same sequence. It isn't my favourite thing to do by any means, but a request has come in for the same colours in a more random pattern, so it's started today, and I'll post it's probably slow progress from time… Continue reading Five colours – a project

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Five Colour Friday

Inspiration pops up when you least expect. The important thing is to keep your eyes open, and constantly take in your surroundings. The inspiration for today's Five Colour Friday comes from our garden. It's been an interesting autumn this year. We didn't have the flames and bronzes that usually occur, instead the trees and shrubs… Continue reading Five Colour Friday

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Five Colour Friday

Today's Five Colour Friday has a definite Autumnal feel. Five colours from the Stylecraft Special DK range. They go together very well - with just a little splash of contrast to bring the combination alive. Together they make a particularly striking blanket. Lobelia, Citron, Spice, Copper and Tomato Tomato makes a lovely joining colour. If… Continue reading Five Colour Friday