Five colours for September

How many wips (works in progress) are on the ‘go’ in your house? I’m laying claim to four!

One will be slow, acceptably slow!

Two, #simplythirtysquares, is all but border finished

Three – well, these are #temperatureblankets so are always ongoing (I currently have 3 on the go but only counting it as one here)

And four … a large square blanket which is not yet ready to be revealed! It may be a secret, but it was while working on this that I was inspired with today’s Five Colour Friday.

It’s always worth keeping eyes open for combinations. You never know when something will appear.

And if it becomes an extra wip – it just helps alleviate any unexpected boredom with another project.

All colours are Stylecraft Special DK

Five colours will present 120 different combinations DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE where you will also find a link to 720 squares for 6 colours.

Future posts for Five Colour Friday will be available OVER HERE

The last square of the 30 day blanket is complete and added. The border begins later today and will be fully revealed in a day or two. The October blanket begins tomorrow.

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