Limited Edition Thirty Squares Blanket

This series of quick blankets all have thirty squares.


This one has squares of seven rounds, six of the main colour and one of the joining yarn. Perfect for making one a day and therefore a slow blanket to be completed in a month.


One of the yarns I chose was new to me: Limited Edition by King Cole.


The range is very small, but all are 100% recycled. It’s beautifully soft and one ball of each in three colours was perfect for this project.

I combined it with two balls of Hayfield Bonus in Stormcloud

As it was a yarn I hadn’t previously tried I wasn’t sure how far it would go, so I began by just making six round squares until the ball was finished. Miraculously each ball made TEN squares!

10 x 3 = 30!

And there was virtually no wastage.

The border is three rounds in Stormcloud.

In total there was about 20grams of Stormcloud left, but only 5 grams of the other three.

Photographed before washing and blocking.

This is just one of several layouts possible with three colours.

I’ll definitely use this yarn again.