Tickled Pink Blanket

I have to admit that while I enjoyed making this blanket it took me much longer than anticipated. The blanket was begun at the end of August, but not finished until 1st November Why?

True, I was working on other things at the same time, but the fact of the matter is that, although all squares were finished within a month, the task of finishing off with Silver was almost beyond me. Again I asked myself ‘Why?’

It was the weather!

The Stylecraft Special DK Silver matched the over-riding sky almost exactly!

So, I made a final push over this last weekend and it’s now all done. Here are the details. It isn’t a pattern as such, but will set you on the path to make your own.

Yarn Quantities

  • 2 balls each of the following Stylecraft Special DK
  • White,
  • Powder Pink,
  • Pale Rose,
  • Mushroom, and
  • Grey
  • 4 balls of Silver.
  • If you want a wider border you will definitely need more Silver.
  • If you want to add more rounds of Pale Rose to the border you will need to add more to your purchases.

There are 24 squares of 12 rounds. The layout is 4 strips of 6. The galleries below show the sequence.

Only 4 colours were used as centres for the blocks – Grey, White, Powder Pink and Pale Rose.

Two rounds of the same 4 colours were used in sequence around the centre colour.

The final rounds of each square are Mushroom and Silver in that order.

Silver is used as the joining colour throughout.

The squares don’t take very long, and weaving in the ends as you go makes for an easy finish.

Once joined its just the border to tackle.

Two rounds of Silver bring the blanket together followed by two rounds of Pale Rose.

Then a further two rounds of Silver and a simple border

Please let me know if you make one.