Five Colour Friday 

Stylecraft colours again today. Bluebell, Turquoise, Cloud Blue, Khaki and Denim combine to make an unexpected combination.

You can buy the above colours from Deramores. Follow the link and you can save 30% on your purchases this weekend with the code HOLIDAY30.

Happy hooking!




Five Colour Friday 

I have really enjoyed using these colours. It’s been secretly in progress during the trials and tribulations of the Spirit of April. No view of the finished blanket for a while, though, as it’s intended as a gift.

Saffron. Tomato. Meadow. Cypress. Mustard.
The colours used are Stylecraft colours. Don’t forget that you can make 120 different squares with just these five colours. More Five Colour Friday inspiration can be found here.

There will be another post in this series very soon as I think I’ve found my most favourite shade of red ever! Watch this space…..




So near yet …

I am determined to finish the squares for the Spirit of April before July! So many hold ups have almost made me want to hide it all in a bag under the  bed!! However, I’ve kept going. I was totally back on track until last might ….

The colours of these squares are very close in tone, this slowed up production if careful preparation wasn’t made in good daylight. After the  sun and clear skies of last week the last couple of days have been a little dreary and the evening seemed longer. Last night was going well until ..

A whole ball of Denim should have been enough, but this was all I had left to finish the last two squares! 

Thankfully I’ve been able to acquire one this morning, so it should all be done by midnight! I may even have a day to spare! 

Come back tomorrow fo Five Colour Friday. 

Flaming June!

To say that it’s been ‘warm’ here is a bit of an understatement! According to the thermometer the garden temperature is currently 30 deg C. The days have been sunny and warm – each day fielding glorious blue skies and no rain in evidence at all. If the heat continues we will probably be under a hosepipe ban – this part of the UK is usually first to experience that. Apart from a couple of days of heavy rain during late May we have hardly had a drop since last year. Bet you didn’t expect to hear that about ‘rainy UK’!

As a result the Temperature blanket has taken a very colourful turn! Here are nine days from June to illustrate my point!

The end of May was interesting too – but as a month, so far this beats them all!



That’s the Spirit!

My last post confirmed that it’s June! However, the main object of my current attention is STILL April! I certainly bit off rather more than I could chew in a single month. It was a steep learning curve  in a number of ways, but I’ll share those with you another day.

The problem with April was that I kept running out of yarn! If I’m honest, the quantities required for a project like this will always be unpredictable.  Each month throws unexpected temperatures, and therefore unexpected colours. Thankfully Deramores were able to help me out with a quick delivery, so, after a spot of relief with May (and secretly beginning June), I am within sight of finishing the Spirit of April!

Maybe the squares will be finished by the time I make my next post…..

A disappointment

Published earlier on Creating something every day where it can be seen in its entirety.

It serves me right. I tried to cut a corner!

I need a crochet blanket quickly. It must be bright and cheerful, so, rather than spend time dyeing one I chose a bright and cheeerful combination that I have seen far and wide around the Web.

I’m not enjoying it.

It’s a Stylecraft yarn, but it’s a novelty yarn – and each time I’ve chosen one of their novelty yarns I’ve found the standard to be less than good. Finishing this blanket, although small, will be tedious, but I’ll continue rather than waste the yarn. I won’t buy it again, though.

The yarn I’m using at the moment is on the left – the one I used previously on the right. Lumps, breaks and uneven thickness are problems I’ve encountered so far. Such a shame. I buy the yarn to support our local shop – it’s the only make they sell.