Goodbye June!

I’m quite pleased to say this! It hasn’t been the best month for a number of reasons. There have been a number of family ‘highs’ but also a few lows which only occur because it’s June. The roses have been amazing, though, especially the standard which has flowered in abundance and will continue to do so well into the autumn.

Each morning we have woken to a scattering of petals and a few drooping blooms – but also a myriad of flowers and the promise of many more. ‘Dead Heading’ is the first task of the day for hubby, and it certainly pays off.

#simplythirtysquares is done!

The final square was added this morning. I have to say that I’m ridiculously pleased with this one! I thought it might work – and it has!!

I even managed a small border and thanks to the long summer days a couple of photos outside!

It was so simple. I used three colours of King Cole Splash, 2 balls of each colour:

  • Indian Ocean
  • Gunmetal
  • Romance

I bought mine from THE KNITTING NETWORK there are several colours in the range. I had previously tried the yarn in a different combination last year. Click the picture below to find out more.

Made with ‘leftovers’

The original blanket is via the link above and can also be seen below.

The original ‘Splash’ blanket.

Just a small border for today’s finish. I may, but probably won’t, add more.

Now I’m off to find the yarn for daily squares starting tomorrow. I think more scraps might be in order!

I still have a few!

Full details of this 30 square series CAN BE FOUND HERE

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