A catch-up and a correction.

It isn’t that long ago that this blanket went to it’s forever home.

It was fun to make, but as it was a new to me yarn I was unsure how much more yarn I would need for another round of border – so stopped as above. (You can read more about it HERE including a YARN REVIEW). As it happens,, though, 6×5 squares plus the border was the perfect blanket size!


There was just a little yarn leftover – and I don’t like to waste yarn!

Remember these from yesterday? Maybe you now also recognise the colours. I had made just a few three round squares, but there was still yarn left over, so…

On Wednesday I found the little bundle and determined I would use every scrap of these leftovers – but was aware that more would be needed for joining/border/edging. Fortunately I already had a suitable extra.

More squares were made, and the amount of yarn left at the end was a mere 1.5 metres! Next an extra round of Charcoal has been added as I’ve joined. Three strips down – and three more to go! I may manage more today, but it’s nearly the weekend so I’m sure more will be completed then

And now for the confession!

I know several of you have clicked the link for the phone case, but it would only have directed you to the shop – and finding a granny square amongst many sports people would probably have been a step too far, so the link has been resent, and now goes DIRECTLY TO THE ITEM

All was well with our Booster Jab. Have you had yours yet?

Have a great day.

Click to buy- for all phones

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