Thirty x 2

This was scheduled to be announced later in the month, but another project had to be temporarily shelved (Frustrating February will give you a clue) so I began a new project.

Not only was it a new project, it was also a new-to-me yarn. This counts, therefore as the second YARN REVIEW of 2021.

SPLASH DK by King Cole is an acrylic yarn that is available in about 25 variegated shades. I bought mine from The Knitting Network who, at the time of writing, have a reasonable selection of colours. I bought 2 balls of each colour – Left to right – Charcoal, Rose Hue and Gun Metal.


Choosing from the internet is often difficult. Colours are difficult to compare, and a variegated ball may conceal hidden secrets deep within.

Rose Hue

I chose colours that I thought would mix, but that I knew I could use in some shape or form if the choices were a matching failure.

Gun Metal

The colours were even better and more compatible than I had dared to hope.

Gun Metal

Subtle colours emerged that made the construction a pleasure.

As usual I used a 4.5 hook, although a size 4.00 is suggested.

It took 10 days from start to finish, but was almost impossible to photograph as the days were so dull (and cold)

Until this morning! I was able to find some matching pegs and photograph it in good light.

I really recommend this yarn. It handles well and the colours are scrummy!

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