Frustrating February

Well! January whizzed by and everything went smoothly at Casa Nuvofelt. Of course, I’m talking Crochet – but there were no crises or calamities either, so, yes, it was a good month. It even ended with us both having our first anti-Covid jab! What more could one ask?

Although nothing drastic, February has not begun in the same vein.

I had hoped to finish this third Friendship Blanket with a degree of alacrity but it isn’t to be.

All the squares are finished but there are a few joining ends to be woven in before it can be completed. These wouldn’t normally be a problem – but Black is not a good colour when working on dull days!

So I began a new project.

It was a disaster! You may have read about it on Instagram but I’ll wait to tell you the full story until Stylecraft have had a chance to respond.

So… on to another start.

A new yarn, and so far all is going well. I should have more to tell you in a day or so.

In the meantime I’m continuing with the temperature blanket. Are you making one? Let me know about your progress.

4 thoughts on “Frustrating February

  1. Linda

    YAY for the jab !!! I’m with you on black – I don’t work with black unless I absolutely have to – and then I have to sit with a bright light over my shoulder shining straight onto my work and have the room light on as well.
    Good luck with a reply from Stylecraft – can’t wait to hear what they have to say.


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