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Working with rainbows

There's nothing like a rainbow to cheer, so I have really enjoyed working on this project. It could have been finished last month, but other things got in the way. Last night, however, the blanket was finished - except for the border. This morning, in daylight, I've chosen the colours for this, so it should… Continue reading Working with rainbows

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Current WIP

This month has passed really quickly. It's been fun to share with you each day, and today's topic will confirm that I am still working on the Raspberry Lobelia blanket! The rows are now getting shorter - but I think that it will take most if not all of April to finish it. I may… Continue reading Current WIP

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Is this a cheat? I have no means of making a video about crochet, so I'm including a link to the one that I have found most useful  for instructions for making a corner to corner blanket. There are other videos and instructions on the net too, and, of course, the technique can be used… Continue reading Video