Delivered! And Five Colours!

‘Will you make me a blanket?’

If someone you love asks the question- the answer must be ‘Yes!’

The journey began in early November, and I hoped to finish before Christmas. I did! …. Just!

Shades of red, green and plum – and all brought together with the joining colour also used for the border and edging.

It was well received and the perfect ‘snuggle’ size

The chosen colours are below.

The joining colour is James C Brett Marble DK in MT33

I used 4 balls of Marble and approx 50g of each colour.

There are more colours to see. Take a look at THE LAST FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY OF 2022 Shortly I will make the last square for #simplythirtysquares 2022. I’ll publish full details as soon as it’s complete.

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