Phase 3?

The garden is growing well, with summer just around the corner. This peony will soon be in full magnificence and although garden coffee offers plenty of colour and inspiration it isn’t the quite the same as sitting in a comfortable chair to drink it.

Do you remember the days of February? It seems years ago to me, but it was towards the end of that month that the Road Map out of Lockdown was announced. The ‘route’ began on March 8 and since then we have had a few, very few, allowances released. I’ve recorded it with a square a day, hoping desperately that the road map is not that out of date satnav that I MENTIONED EARLIER. We still don’t know if that’s the case, but we wait to see.

Steps 1 and 2 were both in March. I began the squares with three rounds of colour bordered with Denim.

In my head these squares would form two areas of the blanket, with others representing the next phases.

April 12 saw the next change.

For this phase the colour reduced to two rounds, with two rounds of Denim to follow.

So, today things change again!

Only one round of colour now, and I wait in apprehension to see what comes next! June 18 was going to see further normality restored. Will it?

Who knows?

I’m documenting these squares HERE if you’d like to follow along. In the meantime – stay safe and enjoy your freedom wisely.

Catch-up and another #5ballblanket

Is lack of internet a disaster? Well, we’ve lived through it and survived, so probably not. However, the ‘outage’ obviously also included the phone line, and, as the mobile signal isn’t good at home, that was something of an issue. Thankfully the fault was finally corrected after almost a week, so here are three posts for the price of one!

The month began with a little bit of temperature catchup. It wasn’t arduous, and the three squares above have now become four as the last three days are also complete. The orange square was made to bring the END OF LOCKDOWN BLANKET up to date

More have joined it now, and if you want to follow its progress the photographs above will take you to the daily square blog.

When the Road Map was announced earlier this year I decided to make a square a day to celebrate the end of the ‘trauma’ that has been COVID. The square has changed slightly as restrictions were officially lifted and the next change will be on May17. However, today it was quietly suggested that the Road Map may well turn out to be an unreliable SatNav, so we’ll wait with baited breath to see what happens. I wonder how big the final blanket will be.

In the midst of everything I began another #5ballblanket. This one has a slightly different colour sequence.

Details of this can be found HERE

Better late than never

It is said that the ‘best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley!’ Well my plan to finish this before last Friday certainly went adrift. However; now it’s done.

Last Friday I introduced the FIVE BALL BLANKET. I had intended to include an alternative colour scheme for FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY but the associated blanket wasn’t quite finished. Well – now it is!!

Here are the details.

Stylecraft Special DK

As pictured above, the colours used are Stylecraft Special DK in

  • Petrol
  • Spearmint
  • Mustard
  • Buttermilk and
  • Cream

The easy design is detailed HERE

If you want to order yarns and are quick you will catch the end of the sale at DERAMORES or find a bargain at THE KNITTING NETWORK

If you make the blanket don’t forget to use #5ballblanket