Five Colour Friday

My birthday month of August is almost here. A year ago we were travelling to Wales, hopeful that ‘freedom’ was right round the corner. In theory it arrived earlier this month, but it doesn’t feel as ‘free’ as it did 12 months ago. Do you feel the same?

So, we arrive at another FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY. I’ve done something slightly different this time so don’t presume you just have to look at the colours and decide they aren’t for you! This also includes a yarn review of sorts.

The five colours I’ve chosen for this month include a favourite. Turquoise. It has the ability to pull odd multiple colours together in a very satisfying way. It even makes good borders, but, as with all colours, only use it in a border if it is also included in the main body – even in the smallest amount.

In fact, you will notice it’s predominance here, even though it isn’t the actual joining colour.

However, the turquoise isn’t really the colour that I want to bring to your attention, but the one in the centre.

This is one of the newly introduced shades in the Stylecraft Special DK range. It’s difficult to describe the colour – almost a dirty white that isn’t! That’s the best I can do today.

I felt that the above square didn’t really do it justice so I went on and played a little more.

Once the proportions were changed it took on a new life of its own.

It certainly changed my perception of the colour.

The colours used throughout are:

  • Hint of Silver
  • Gold
  • Buttermilk
  • Turquoise and
  • Aspen

I’ve been using the Hint if Silver in another project and can honestly say that it blends very well with more colours than I anticipated.

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It’s too hot to crochet!

We love a blue sky, don’t we? One of the things I’ve noticed since lockdown began all those months ago, and travel decreased dramatically, is that the sky has become cloudless more often. Normally, by the time this picture was taken, there would be vapour trails all over – even high in the sky, and these soon collect together into low clouds. We are on the flight path to Heathrow – although far enough out for it not to bother us.

So – the sky is blue and cloudless – and the temperature is rising – and it’s too hot to crochet!

In theory this is my project. There are 100 centres waiting for the next stage. However, as my next task would normally be to weave in the ends there is no problem.

I’ve made a start but it will be slowly does it!

The outer yarn is one of STYLECRAFT’s new colours – A hint of Silver.

It’s an interesting colour, and will go with a good selection of colours. I’m looking forward to seeing it with the rest of the above colours.

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The End Is Nigh!

So, is it or isn’t it? In theory today is the last – in practice we must continue as before. In theory today is the last and tomorrow is the first of ..

The first of WHAT, exactly?

Who knows?



I’ve had enough!

I have four bags of squares of various styles, each of which is depicted above. When the blanket began it was all so simple! Three stages – definite dates – and then … it began to ‘belly flop’!

Life will not change here at Casa Nuvofelt.

The sun will continue to rise in the east

And on clear nights we will continue to see the moon in various parts of the sky.

Vegetables will be planted and grow and

… we will watch the seasons pass through various flowers, but …

These bags of Denim edged squares are being banished to the bottom of the wardrobe for times yet to be determined!

I repeat! I’VE HAD ENOUGH !