Friendship – continued.

Did you think I’d given up? I haven’t but today is the first day I’ve been ab to take a suitable photograph! It’s been so dull and dreary for so much of the time. There is only one room that gets good morning light – I made use of it today…

Number 3
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Apples and Pairs

The sun is shining today. It certainly improves the mood. There are daffodils in the gardens, and that is a sure sign of nature awakening.

You may remember my Frustrating February post from earlier this month. The problem was with Stylecraft Batik yarn, which was impossible to use as it contained so many knots. One ball might have been excused, but my frustration had to do with NINE BALLS, each containing an inordinate number of bad knots – and a tangle as illustrated below!

As I worked on I collected more and more small balls of yarn

And just kept finding pesky knots!

I’ll be honest. I was in tears at one point, because this was meant to be a quick and simple project from an idea I had had at the end of last year. So, finally, I contacted Stylecraft via their website and waited to hear their response.

The black edging on the Friendship Blanket was still a problem as the weather was so dull, so I began another, (watch this space) and also started something else which you have already seen (Thirty x 2). These kept me going while I corresponded with a delightful lady at Stylecraft.

And then – a package arrived with 9 replacement balls and a handy project bag!

THANK YOU DAWN! With a concerted effort I finished it in just under a week!

It’s a soft and lovely yarn to use. You may remember that Batik Elements was used for the final blanket of #crochet6in366. If you missed the final post, which I almost did … IT’S HERE

Further details of this little throw can be found HERE.

I hope you will give this a go – it’s quick, simple and fun.

Thirty x 2

This was scheduled to be announced later in the month, but another project had to be temporarily shelved (Frustrating February will give you a clue) so I began a new project.

Not only was it a new project, it was also a new-to-me yarn.

SPLASH DK by King Cole is an acrylic yarn that is available in about 25 variegated shades. I bought mine from The Knitting Network who, at the time of writing, have a reasonable selection of colours. I bought 2 balls of each colour – Left to right – Charcoal, Rose Hue and Gun Metal.


Choosing from the internet is often difficult. Colours are difficult to compare, and a variegated ball may conceal hidden secrets deep within.

Rose Hue

I chose colours that I thought would mix, but that I knew I could use in some shape or form if the choices were a matching failure.

Gun Metal

The colours were even better and more compatible than I had dared to hope.

Gun Metal

Subtle colours emerged that made the construction a pleasure.

As usual I used a 4.5 hook, although a size 4.00 is suggested.

It took 10 days from start to finish, but was almost impossible to photograph as the days were so dull (and cold)

Until this morning! I was able to find some matching pegs and photograph it in good light.

I really recommend this yarn. It handles well and the colours are scrummy!