Week 9 #crochet6in366

The end of one month and into a new one. Winter ends and spring begins! Yesterday saw the last square of the first strip and today we begin the second.

The first 8 squares of blanket number 2

So, this coming week will see most of the squares for the second strip completed if you follow along with the schedule below:

  • February 26: 3/4/2/6/6/6
  • February 27: 1/2/5/6/6/6
  • February 28: 4/4/4/6/6/6
  • February 29: 2/5/3/6/6/6
  • March 1: 4/2/1/6/6/6
  • March 2: 3/5/2/6/6/6
  • March 3: 1/4/5/6/6/6

I may have to be away for a time during March, if so I will publish more than one week for you to follow.


Another weekend has sped by! Half term is over, and spring will be here next week! I wonder how March will start? Like a lion or a lamb? The former seems most likely as far as I can tell.

I have no control over the weather, but it’s been interesting to work on two of my current projects which are related, but not really intentionally so. Firstly the Spirit of Spring blanket is almost complete. Today’s square will finish the penultimate strip leaving just 9 squares to go. I’m also working on the ‘look up’ version that I mentioned at the beginning of the month. It will be 100 squares. The following pictures show the last nine squares of each.

These are the squares showing the morning (centre) and afternoon temperatures.
Lowest temperature 1C. Highest 13C Average 10C
Yellow denotes sun, Green for wind, Blue for sky, Grey for cloud and Red for rain.

Bad light certainly effected the Cream edging in the top photo! I decided on red to signify rain in the lower series as it is the colour of my umbrella, and have chosen varying shades of the colours to signify intensity. Drizzle for a very short period is illustrated with a very light red – Powder Pink – for example. None of the Look Up squares are joined together yet.

The next schedule for #crochet6in366 will be up on Wednesday. How are you getting on? I’ll be posting some pictures later in the week.

Happy Crocheting – and ignore the Crochet Police!