Let’s start to prepare for 366 in 2020

The year is slipping away. It’s a busy time for everyone, and there’s a lot of planning. Shopping is difficult and there are deadlines for online items. By the time we start our blanket exercise things will have calmed down, but we need to be ready.

Some of you may have partaken in one of my ‘follow-a longs’ before. If you haven’t, I’ll warn you now – you won’t see a picture of the finished anything before we start! How can you? I won’t be starting it until January 1!! However, IT WILL WORK!

This is the plan!

Starting on January 1 2020 we will make 366 granny squares at the equivalent rate of one a day. This means that you can fit it into your schedule by making them at a time that suits you. I will mostly be making basic granny squares, but if you choose a different pattern that’s fine. The only thing I’ll say, though, is that yarn quantities may differ, and I can’t tell you by how much!

Once a week, or thereabouts, I will post the next steps in the process. As we already know that the ‘stitch’ will be in the form of a granny square the steps will mostly be of colour combinations and numbers of rounds. PLEASE NOTE – There will be no provision for a border, this will be up to you, and must be fitted in to your own schedule! However, I will tell you how I intend to finish my project, and show you the finished blanket. You are welcome to finish yours in a similar manner.

So, what about yarn?

I suggest that you use the same yarn as me. Certainly for the first one I’ll be using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.50 crochet hook. The colours and quantities are below. The details will be published here, and also on a new dedicated blog which you can find here. I suggest you follow there too so that you have all information in one place.

Things to remember!

The object is to make 366 squares during 2020 and use them to create 6 blankets as we work along. You can make these squares at your own pace, Crochet Police are officially banned from this project!!! Beginners are as welcome as those with experience. I’ll also be posting on Instagram, and please post your progress there or on your blog so that I can follow you too. A link to your blogpost is welcome on my blog, and using the hashtag #crochet6in366 on Instagram will send me to your post there.

Requirements for Number 1

Stylecraft Special DK

  • Violet – 1 ball
  • Lime – 1 ball
  • Lobelia – 1 ball
  • Burgundy – 1 ball
  • Magenta – 3 balls ( This will only be enough for a small border. If you think you may need a wider border I suggest you add an extra).
  • Crochet hook. I’m using a 4.50 as it seems to give a better drape than the suggested 4.00 suggested on the yarn label. Using a size 4.00 hook will marginally reduce the finished size which is approximately 31 x 35 inches (79 x 89 cm) not including the border!

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I use tags (they are reusable) to mark the position of the start of a row of blocks. This is to ensure that I know which is both the ‘top’ ad the ‘right’ side. You will need something similar. Stitch markers or short lengths of contrasting yarn will also do the job.

This square will give you an idea of the colours – as will the video above. This first blanket will be a mix if single colour squares with some multi coloured ones too. Deramores currently have a very generous offer on Stylecraft yarn, but I’m not sure how long this will last. If you buy via this link I will get a very small commission.

Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything! If I have let me know. Please pass the word! The more the merrier! Sitting here on a chilly December day surrounded by my current cool coloured blanket I can’t wait to get started with the bright cheerful colours above. I hope you feel the same.

What I’m working on today – and a sneak view of a tag!

Don’t forget to watch the little video and subscribe to the channel etc.

Crochet a square a day!

There’s no doubt about it! Crochet has kept me going this year. I’ve been able to take it with me, even to unplanned places like hospitals, and on travels further afield like Norway. I began the year by deciding, on the spur of the moment, that I would crochet a granny square a day, not really thinking it through, and starting in a very haphazard way. I had no real idea what they would become, the only thing I knew for sure is that they would NOT be joined into a single entity. I knew it would be too big to handle!

So, as the year progressed, the way became a little clearer. Some squares were of more use than others, as you will see when the final result is revealed at the end of the year (it’s still a work in progress, obviously). It isn’t giving anything away, however, to tell you that by ‘fudging’ it (ie making a few extras along the way) I will have completed the squares for six blankets/throws – whatever you like to call them. This has not interfered with other crochet commitments, but has run alongside. So, I’m planning to do something similar next year, but this time I’m planning ahead and it will be more structured.

I’m planning on making six blankets during 2020! I’ve already planned the first one, and I’m inviting you to join me. The rules will be simple – basically just make a square a day! However, if you would really like to follow along with me I’m planning on posting a list of the squares at regular intervals. This really will mean that as the year progresses you will have a finished article, then another … etc. Some people have already expressed a desire to join in, and that’s really exciting! I will be making just basic grannies, although I may change my mind as the year progresses, but if you want to alter the square and still follow along, that’s fine.

More details to follow, colours etc, before too long. One a day! It won’t be arduous!!