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Sssshhhh! Can you keep a secret?

I currently have two projects on the go. I told you about one last time, but today I'm sharing a secret. I've started a new project which is being produced strictly under cover! I'm grabbing moments when a certain someone is otherwise engaged - and I know that that someone has no idea about this… Continue reading Sssshhhh! Can you keep a secret?

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And we are off again! 

The start of another project is always exciting. Underneath the crochet you can see some of the hand dyed threads I'll be offering for sale this weekend. Packaging takes a lot of time- there won't be much blanket progress for a day or two. Did you know I am a dyer? I've been creating collections… Continue reading And we are off again! 

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To say that I have enjoyed making this blanket is a bit of an understatement. I've LOVED making this. It was made using 14 different colours of acrylic yarn, I've listed them at the end of this post. They symbolise the journey of hope of a new life by a refugee - over sea and… Continue reading Finished 

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Sixty Million Trebles update. 

A quick update of the blanket I'm making for the above charity project. It's been difficult to photograph as the days have been rather dark. The picture isn't a true representation of colours - maybe my computer needs readjusting! I'm over half way. It was meant to be a slow blanket - but I've enjoyed… Continue reading Sixty Million Trebles update. 

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Charity update 

I'm just back from a lovely but exhausting weekend. We stayed with our young grandchildren while their parents were away for a few days. We love them to bits - and had great fun! However, a nine and a six year old show boundless energy. Cartwheels, swingball, cricket and dancing gave continual 'entertainment', and a… Continue reading Charity update