Purple is the new pink finished 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have read that the small project is finished. It only took a few days, and frankly, would have taken much less if I hadn’t had other things to do too. 

12 Granny Squares- the colours are listed below. 

Each square was edged on 3 sides with cream. 

Cream also joins them all together along the 4th side to make a little string of bunting. Trebles along the length followed by a little picot edge. It will be hung this weekend after her birthday and I’ll hopefully have a photo to show you. 

This was a useful stash buster. I’m now out of most of the colours. 

Colours used – all Stylecraft Special DK:

Burgundy, Emperor, Lavender, Parma Violet, Clematis, Violet, Wisteria, Magenta, Grape, Plum and, of course, Cream. 

A blanket will follow, but ssh- that’s a secret and probably for Christmas 😉    However, first I’ll need to buy more yarn!

Spirit of Catch-Up


Progress on The Spirit of February is slow. It will certainly take a few more weeks to complete as I work on other projects. Here are the centres of the last 12.

This month is much more muted than the last two. It will be interesting to see the final result – only a few more days to go before the colour choices are complete.

Spirit of ….

I’m really enjoying working on my temperature blanket – even though it’s only a few rounds a day. However, I made a rash decision to work on other related projects at the same time. I began it in December – so that Winter in its entirety would be evident at the beginning.

December was an odd month for temperatures. The first few days were very mild – surprisingly mild – and introduced colours that I wouldn’t have expected until March.


There were also some very very cold days. Using the December colours I made a granny square blanket which I’ve called The Spirit of December. I’ve just realised that I haven’t photographed it – but these squares above are from the project – and you can see how colourful they are.

January brought cold temperatures. In the same way I made granny squares to represent the month as a whole – based on the same temperature colours. Work was delayed on The Spirit of January due to the previoously mentioned shortage of Lobelia, but the final stitch has now been added, and here are most of the squares finished and about to be blocked!


SaveThe image below shows some of the colours in more details


I’m now working on The Spirit of February. So far I’ve used 15 colours – there may be more, but I won’t know that until the afternoon of the last day of the month. I’ll update you on the Winter phase of the Temperature blanket at about that time too.




Spirit of the third week of January 

You may remember reading this post, in which I admitted being sidetracked from the tasks in hand due to the absence of Lobelia in my local shops etc. Well, I’ve continued to work on it alongside other projects (these include my temperature blanket and a rainbow blanket, there will be more about these in future posts).

On Thursday I put the final stitch in the blocks and it is now ready to be joined. I photographed a few of the blocks and have collaged them into this just to get a flavour of the blanket. I’m really pleased with the outcome – especially as it was a finger twitching emergency that started the whole thing.

Stylecraft Special DK (the only yarn stocked by my local shop – which I do like to support) in: Storm Blue, Magenta, Silver, Duck Egg, Grape, Parchment, Clematis.



Finding our way…

January passed, and here we are in February. We have had a good mix of temperatures so far this year – from into the minuses and up into the teens. It’s made for a good mix for the temperature blanket. I’ll write a post about that later this month.

I have long advocated the value of pressing on with something that is not a favourite. It’s surprising what you learn, and what you discover. It’s a practice I have used in all my disciplines – whether textiles or mixed media.

So, what did I learn during January?

I learnt that Granny Squares aren’t SO bad! Colour combination is very important to me. Having worked with both my hand dyed and embroidery threads (mostly machine threads in the latter category) I have been spoiled for choice! One range of machine threads has almost 500 colours in the range – and my basic dyeing course results in well ove 200 colours – so to be restricted to less than 100 colours in a range of knitting yarn is quite a surprise. This has resulted in the little old grey cells working overtime – with some very satisfactory results.

Because it is available locally in a small shop I have mostly restricted myself to Stylecraft Special DK. I have bought on line occasionally, but mostly specific yarns that are not readily available to me. I have a sample square of every colour – so making selections has always been easy when designing a blanket. However, the temperature projects I began in December have introduced an element of the unexpected – and this is what I am enjoying most.


Apart from a small square each day which depicts the morning and afternoon temperatures of the day, I also decided to make a ‘spirit of…..’ collection using the colours of the month. They were used in sequence – and as a result I discovered my favourite way of working. Above are some of the December squares – which you have seen before.

January was not so easy to accomplish as all shops ran out of Lobelia! That resulted in me working with some colours from a specific week (see my previous post) and I worked these in a sequence that I think is followed by many people.


I began by making a number of centres…… six of each to begin with.

Colours were added – and after each round resorted so that another could be added…

I found it SO BORING! So once these were completed I have reverted to the way I discovered with my first squares – and of course more colour combinations are being produced.

This is how I’ve discovered I like to work!

I start with just one centre – add the second colour and make another centre with that colour. Next comes the third colour – added to the 2 colour square, then the single centre and finally another centre is made. And so on. I find it more interesting and quicker to work – no sorting, and once the sequence is decided it’s a doddle to just keep it going. It’s easier to guage how much yarn is needed too. Once the cycle is finished it’s easy to work more individual squares – the first step is to simply reverse the order! A very quick and easy result. The ends are either woven in as I go – or when I settle down to watch an episode of Midsomer! I’ve seen them so many times I don’t need to concentrate too hard 😉


Making the most of an extra day!

Happy Birthday, Eileen. This is a day to celebrate – your 15th birthday party. Enjoy

My day started very early. I awoke shortly after midnight and was still up at 3am. Consequently I continued with a new blanket that I began yesterday evening.


Forgive the bad photograph – it was taken just before I went back to bed. I’ll do more later and photograph in better light tomorrow. If you are interested you can also find it on Ravelry

What are you doing on your Leap day? DanielleJoe has written about her day here.