Oops! I forgot!

Last year’s last main project, #crochet6in366 , seems a very long time ago! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you have forgotten all about it! However, for various reasons I haven’t! I’m still working (very slowly) on completing pages for each project, and as yet there is no light at the end of thatContinue reading “Oops! I forgot!”

#crochet6in366 The End

It’s a busy time for everyone. I hope all your Christmas plans are coming to fruition and that tomorrow will be a happy day. Maybe you will be able to find a quiet few moments to contemplate why we make the day special. This is just a quick post with details of the final stripContinue reading “#crochet6in366 The End”

A chat about Friendship – and #crochet6in366

Well, that’s half of December gone and never to return. I’m sure you too will all be pleased to see the end of 2020. Much hope is being put on the new vaccine. No idea when it will be offered to us – we will just wait patiently. The next few squares for our ongoingContinue reading “A chat about Friendship – and #crochet6in366”