Looking back

What were you working on a year ago?

2020 was a miserable year, wasn’t it? There weren’t many high spots here. Much of it was spent in lockdown. Life has changed a little since, but I sometimes wonder if we are truly ‘unlocked’, and life is definitely not back to ‘normal’.

However, I had planned a daily regimen of granny squares and shared the plan under THE HASHTAG #crochet6in366

So, a year ago this was on the hook

It was a fun square to make, and I’m thinking that I might make another with different colours. You can read about THE SEQUENCE HERE and also find s link to the block instructions

Can you remember what you were making a year ago? Leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Looking back

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  2. Linda

    This time last year I was obsessed with my Sophie – I couldn’t put her down and it was so horrible when I ran out of yarn and had to wait for a yarn delivery !!!!!! I was also working on a green and blue stash busting corner to corner blanket.

    Yes – last year was horrible and I am still waiting to find out what our new normal is going to be. I am very excited at the news that Australia will soon be opening it’s borders to fully vaccinated international travellers and can’t wait until we can see our children again – it’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long between hugs !!!!

    Take care and stay safe !

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    1. Linda, I really feel for you. It was hard to be separated from our children, but the miles were only hundreds, not thousands…. Travel is still not comfortable for us here. I remember Sophie! Beautiful blanket! xox


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