And that is THAT!

Finished! A square for every day! A seemingly random collection of squares began to make sense. Each blanket was made with someone in mind and gifted as it was completed. This was fun. In use from the moment it arrived. A new baby boy received this one. In some ways this was the most fun.Continue reading “And that is THAT!”

Christmas Greetings to you all

It’s almost the last night before Christmas, and all through the house even the mice are busying themselves. We’re almost done, with all blankets completed and delivered. My holiday project is on the hook and a simple corner to corner in one of my favourite yarns, James C Brett’s Marble DK. Easy enough to workContinue reading “Christmas Greetings to you all”

Five Colour Friday

It’s been a while since I published one of these posts, but now seems the ideal time to re-introduce the 5-Colour theme, especially as the first blanket of #crochet6in366 will also be 5-colours. I’ve really enjoyed making this, and it all came together remarkably quickly because it’s been floating around in my head for severalContinue reading “Five Colour Friday”