Christmas Greetings to you all

It’s almost the last night before Christmas, and all through the house even the mice are busying themselves. We’re almost done, with all blankets completed and delivered. My holiday project is on the hook and a simple corner to corner in one of my favourite yarns, James C Brett’s Marble DK.

Easy enough to work on even in the car as we visit relatives over the next few days. I’m looking forward to it.

Then I’ll be ready to make the last few preparations for #crochet6in366 I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you are too.

Have a really blessed Christmas everyone. I hope you will get a moment to remember the reason for the Christmas Season. Take care and see you again soon.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings to you all

  1. James Brett Marble Chunky is a lovely yarn to use for blankets. I’ve just finished a couch throw in the very same yarn. Yours looks lovely too. I’ve never done a corner to corner crochet project.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas too! Looking forward to the CAL in the New Year!

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    1. Yes, the chunky is lovely too, in fact all their yarns are good as far as I can see. This is the DK. It’s fo an elderly relative. I chose the DK so that it can also be folded and used as a shawl. The C2C stitch is easy. I was sent to a Crochet Crowd video as a demo of the stitch when I first saw it. I think there are others now too. It’s a good pattern if you have a limited amount of yarn. Weigh it first – then start to make it smaller once half the weight is still left, if you follow.
      Your throw sounds lovely. Is it on your blog?
      2020 is almost here! I’m not sure where 2019 went … Happy Christmas x


      1. I must try corner to corner sometime. It looks rather fascinating. A good tip about weighing the yarn to know when to turn back!
        I’m doing a blog entry today and will include the Chunky throw. In my last blog entry, you can see some napkin envelopes I crocheted and made for presents. Great fun to do!

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      1. I wonder why the comment wouldn’t work on the blog. I have comment check on which means I get to look at them before I hit the publish button. I had to do that because I was getting some annoying spam. Thanks for your comments here!


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