Five and May progress

It’s been a while since a post here. Why? Lack of space on the blog and too much going on to sort it. Hopefully this post will squeeze in.

Did you realise that today is Five Colour Friday? If you just want the colours POP OVER HERE TO LOOK

If you would like more information and a second Five Colours for today … read on..

A while ago I made some blankets for an expected new arrival. As a thank you an unexpected bouquet arrived. They retained their shape and continued as above for over 4 weeks, but then something remarkable happened.

As they aged the colours became more and more stunning. I’ve used these as the inspiration for this month – full details are HERE

Meanwhile May was an odd time. We went away for a few days and I discovered that somehow I had contracted bronchitis. That made our stay a little restricted to say the least, but as we were staying with family it did mean that I had good care and attention.

Our travelling had been anticipated, so my chosen yarn for #simplythirtysquares was restricted to a multicoloured Emu yarn – Funfair in the Waltzer colourway. This is a rich and striking combination of reds etc, each cake being 150g. However, as we approach the end of the month I’m dubious as to whether I’ll have enough to finish. I had 3 cakes … 450g. To be on the ‘safe side’ I have sorted some scraps in suitable colours so that I can make sure the blanket is finished on time. The yarn is a very good quality, but I don’t want to have to purchase more just to finish.

I’ve included them here as a number of readers have asked for good description of the colours.

Another Bank Holiday is rearing it’s head! What are your plans? Mine definitely include crochet. I’m hoping that I’ll have 2 finishes at the end of the month, but the second has yet to be properly revealed!

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