Daily squares continue.

If you have been keeping up with a square a day for this year you will know that today’s square makes 141 so far! More to come – and here we go! May 20: 5 rounds Graphite May 21: Alternate rounds of Plum/Magenta, 1 round Graphite STRIP 3 ENDS May 22: 5 rounds Graphite STRIPContinue reading “Daily squares continue.”

#crochet6in366 continues

Most of you are following your own colour schemes for this project, but I will continue to post my sequence for my local group. We are meeting once a month for a virtual get together. It’s a fun chance to catch up with everyone. May 13: 4 rounds Lincoln, 1 round Graphite May 14: 5Continue reading “#crochet6in366 continues”

A new blanket begins

And so we reach May! Still in Lockdown, but surviving. I hope you are all well and coping too. Today is the start of a new blanket. Buying yarn is difficult. Yes, I know it’s available online, but delivery isn’t quick, for obvious reasons, and it just puts everyone under more pressure. So, this isContinue reading “A new blanket begins”