Phase 3?

The garden is growing well, with summer just around the corner. This peony will soon be in full magnificence and although garden coffee offers plenty of colour and inspiration it isn’t the quite the same as sitting in a comfortable chair to drink it. Do you remember the days of February? It seems years agoContinue reading “Phase 3?”

Daily squares continue.

If you have been keeping up with a square a day for this year you will know that today’s square makes 141 so far! More to come – and here we go! May 20: 5 rounds Graphite May 21: Alternate rounds of Plum/Magenta, 1 round Graphite STRIP 3 ENDS May 22: 5 rounds Graphite STRIPContinue reading “Daily squares continue.”

#crochet6in366 continues

Most of you are following your own colour schemes for this project, but I will continue to post my sequence for my local group. We are meeting once a month for a virtual get together. It’s a fun chance to catch up with everyone. May 13: 4 rounds Lincoln, 1 round Graphite May 14: 5Continue reading “#crochet6in366 continues”