Five more balls – and a review.

I have to say that these Five Ball Blankets are so quick and easy to make. This one, however, was the quickest – and by far the easiest because it’s fairly mindless! It took me just six days, and that was not intense crochet. It began with a single square – and as usual IContinue reading “Five more balls – and a review.”

Cream is one of my Five a Day

We all know about healthy eating. Berries are supposed to be especially good – and a touch of citrus for flavour never did anyone any harm. So a fruit salad of peach, plum and raspberry served with a lime dressing would be perfect with a dollop of cream? Maybe not … but I’m talking yarn,Continue reading “Cream is one of my Five a Day”

Phase 3?

The garden is growing well, with summer just around the corner. This peony will soon be in full magnificence and although garden coffee offers plenty of colour and inspiration it isn’t the quite the same as sitting in a comfortable chair to drink it. Do you remember the days of February? It seems years agoContinue reading “Phase 3?”