May goes into June!

Three finishes this month!

Click for information about #simplythirtysquares

Another month ends. Above is the daily square blanket for May. The last square was finished yesterday, and I spent a while finishing the small border.

I used EMU YARN from THE KNITTING NETWORK for this blankie.

The colours used :

  • Cream (2.5 100g balls)
  • Peachy
  • Coral Fade
  • Pumpkin
  • Glacier
  • Carrot

All other colours took less than 100g

The above shows the simple placement of the squares. Each day is SHOWN HERE where you can also follow along. These strips were made from top to bottom then joined left to right.

You may not know this yarn, but it’s excellent quality and very good value. Bear in mind that the object of the exercise was a daily square and completion within a month. These quantities could have made a bigger border, but that couldn’t be completed in a day.

I’m planning on another similar project for June, and if you would like to join in too, THIS LINK will take you to details. It’s a really simple way of making a blanket in a month – and an excellent stash busting exercise.


SPRINGLE was also finished in May and THIS LINK will give details.

Hopefully the above will be part of my first finished blanket for June. I think it will be 72 squares big – but we’ll see.

This will probably be one of my yarns for the June #simplythirtysquares. It’s a yarn I’VE USED BEFORE but not this colour way. You will have to wait to see if it’s used with another.

Are you celebrating the Jubilee this weekend? There seems to be a lot going on around the country. We are meeting with friends. Have fun!

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