Five Colour Friday

Do you ever feel the need for bright and cheerful?

Springle colours were soft and gentle. My current BIG project is subtle

Details coming soon

So as an antidote Five Colour Friday is neither!

This time I’m only showing one single square because this isn’t destined to be a blanket! (These colours will make a very striking one, though). I’m working on an experiment which will be shared as soon as I have success!

Stylecraft Special DK

These are the colours I have used. It’s an ‘in your face’ sort of combination and I love it!!!


Two blankets already ‘down’ this month and on track for number three as above. I’ll have to decide on the yarn for the June blanket soon. If my experiment fails I think I’ll be using today’s FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY

Don’t forget – there’s a downloadable list of the 120 squares that can be made from just 5 colours and another for 720 squares from 6 colours. If you want an idea for combinations for the latter why not check out some of the SIMPLY THIRTY SQUARES The blankie for May is on schedule so full details of that will (apart from a really major distraction) be here on the last day of the month!

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