Springle Is Done!

I didn’t know what else to call it, so Springle Blanket it is!

I promised myself that this would be finished in May, and it is! It should have been sooner, but I got sidetracked.

You may remember these colours from last month’s FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY.

I enjoyed using them, and wanted to use them again, but was also planning another

Two of the colours are the same as you can see. What would happen if I combined them?

I think it’s worked.

The blocks are joined in strips of the same combination. Simple and easy to position.

It’s only small but was very satisfying to make.

It’s finished with a very simple border. It will be washed and lightly blocked soon.

Now I’m on to something else. I’ll tell you about that before long, but in the meantime come back on Friday for another Five Colours!

7 thoughts on “Springle Is Done!

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