One down ..

There was something about this colour combination that kept drawing me back! It was difficult to put down, so it’s had quite a lot of attention over the last few days. Consequently it’s now finished!

What really surprised me, though, was the border and edging.

I had intended to make a wider border – using colours and cream, and I tried!

However, my first choice of colour was Raspberry – and that brought the whole blanket ‘alive’ – just that one single round!

Everything else I tried just didn’t work so I frogged the lot and added another final edge in Raspberry. That was it! Complete!

Sadly it’s raining this morning so an outside photograph will have to wait. The rain is needed, though, and already the garden is looking refreshed.

These are the colours used – plus Cream. All are Stylecraft Special DK. I didn’t use Grape, for an explanation READ HERE.

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