The month so far ..

May is one of my favourite months of the year. The garden truly begins to blossom in more ways than one, the days lengthen to give good morning and early evening daylight, and there is warmth – not too much, but just enough for my poor Reynaud’s attacked body to cope!

The overall temperature is still suited to crochet, so I’m making the most of it with three projects.

Firstly Simply Thirty Squares for this month has begun and the second strip is now underway. This is such a gentle way to make a blanket. It can quietly happen while other things are going on.

Having worked on the Five Colour Friday blanket for last month I was inspired to make another with the addition of a few more colours. It’s fresh and bright and pretty, and I’m having fun.

Talking of a ‘few’ more colours. I’ve also started another project, but this time with bigger squares.

This is coming along quite quickly. It has 14 colours plus cream for joining.

This shows my original intent. 15 colours including Grape. But … Grape absolutely ‘killed’ it once I started to make the squares – so I left it on the sideline. I had hoped it might be suited to the joining and edging – but now it’s definitely rejected. The moral of that is to always be open to changing your mind!

Finally. After much badgering by my orders and betters (you know who you are 😉) I have reopened my ETSY SHOP with some blankets. I’m also planning some cotton mini skein listings – but that won’t be quite yet.

Yesterday I went to a really lovely Craft breakfast morning. Two hours of delightful company, and fruit, bagels, brioche and croissants! It’s happening again in July. Might you be interested. I’ll tell you more nearer the date but ask away in the meantime. It happens on the first Saturday of the month in Hook near Basingstoke. (Not happening in June due to altered Bank Holiday)

Have a fabulous week. There’s another Bank Holiday rearing it’s head. Lots going on for the Platinum Jubilee. We’ll be celebrating with friends. What about you?

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