Apples and Pairs

The sun is shining today. It certainly improves the mood. There are daffodils in the gardens, and that is a sure sign of nature awakening. You may remember my Frustrating February post from earlier this month. The problem was with Stylecraft Batik yarn, which was impossible to use as it contained so many knots. OneContinue reading “Apples and Pairs”

#crochet6in366 The End

It’s a busy time for everyone. I hope all your Christmas plans are coming to fruition and that tomorrow will be a happy day. Maybe you will be able to find a quiet few moments to contemplate why we make the day special. This is just a quick post with details of the final stripContinue reading “#crochet6in366 The End”

Another week of #crochet6in366

It’s definitely the downhill of this project, not a time to give up, but frustratingly a time for delivery delays! My stock of Cream Batik was dangerously low; so low in fact that daily squares had to be made with no border. Phew! Almost caught up now and disaster averted! So, here is the sequenceContinue reading “Another week of #crochet6in366”