This is fun

It’s surprising what a random choice of colours will produce. The Spirit blankets are all based around the daily temperatures of each month, and in previous months their position has been determined by Theo ‘appearance’. This month I’ve chosen a different way to work. I won’t give you too many details at the moment, but I’m enjoying the process 

Each additional round is presenting a new idea 

And I have a suspicion that I’ll return to this mix and use it in the future 

But that’s all I’ll show you today, and in truth it gives no indication of the finished square. 

It’s what you might call … 

‘A teaser’ !!!

Hope it’s cool enough to crochet where you are. It’s a little warm here. 

And now for the ends! 

Firstly, thank you for the comments made on my last couple of posts. If you are still waiting for a reply I apologise. I really appreciate them, but find it so much easier to answer via the pic – and I haven’t opened mine for a while. I will do so soon, though, in the meantime here is a sort of December catch-up!

A couple of posts back I showed you a granny square. My relationship with these easy crochet pieces began many years ago before I was married. I began a blanket in shades of white, apricot and grey. There were 8 rounds in each square and my ambition was to make a blanket big enough to cover the bed to the ground, on each side. I bought a ball of colour now and then, as I ran out. Then disaster struck! The shop closed and no one else sold the brand. The finished squares were bundled into a bag and hidden at the bottom of my wardrobe. 

Time passed and I met and became engaged to my, now, husband. His mother, sadly no longer with us, was a fellow yarnaholic and I mentioned the blanket to her. lol and behold – she knew of a shop selling this yarn, although it was a fair journey away. So, once again the square production started, although the intended blanket size now increased by quite a lot in order to cover the bed once we were married. 

Progress was slow. I had a full time job, and topping up the yarn only happened when I visited my fiancé and his family. All went well, though, until….

…. that shop closed too…..

At some point the bag and its contents were donated to a charity. I had had enough of granny squares to last me a lifetime! 

So to begin working on a blanket made with said squares has been an emotional journey. I have, at times, been ‘transported ‘ back into the last century long before the Internet brought everything so close. Back to the days when there were even steam trains operating on a daily basis. Yes, I really am that old! 

Anyway….. enough reminiscing let’s get back to the purpose of this post. 

Granny squares! I’ve been making a few. 

This is just one, but I made 30 during December. That equates to one a day with Christmas Day off! I’m calling it the Spirit of December blanket. I’ll tell you more about the colours and idea behind it when it’s a little more ‘together ‘. In the meantime… I spy a few ‘ends’!