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Temperature update

January has been an interesting month. Unlike last year it has been particularly gloomy for several days. The few that have been sunlit have been such a blessing. Today was such a day, although this evening is wet. Nights have been very dark. The moon isn't rising until the early hours (this morning it rose… Continue reading Temperature update

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In – and – Out!

So, here we are home. Well, sort of! It’s been such a busy three weeks, and they aren’t over yet. Three weeks ago I was packing for twelve days in Madeira, last Saturday was a quick turnaround fo Scotland, and now (after less than 12 hours at home) we are preparing for grandchildren sitting overnight.… Continue reading In – and – Out!

Blanket, Colour, crochet, Spirit of ...., Temperature Blanket

Spirit of ….

I'm really enjoying working on my temperature blanket - even though it's only a few rounds a day. However, I made a rash decision to work on other related projects at the same time. I began it in December - so that Winter in its entirety would be evident at the beginning. December was an… Continue reading Spirit of ….

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Spirit of the third week of January 

You may remember reading this post, in which I admitted being sidetracked from the tasks in hand due to the absence of Lobelia in my local shops etc. Well, I've continued to work on it alongside other projects (these include my temperature blanket and a rainbow blanket, there will be more about these in future… Continue reading Spirit of the third week of January